Free Yoga event on Dodd, Skiddaw, meet up and event details 31 August 2019

Join me this coming Saturday on top of Dodd, Skiddaw for the FREE Waynwright event, to raise awareness for charity, Another Way. This charity is concerned with making the public aware of what they can do to help protect the environment. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh ‘Once we see that something needs to be done, we must take action. Seeing and action go together. Otherwise, what is the point in seeing? There will be wonderful views, yoga, signing of environmental pledges on a banner (something fairly challenging but realistic that you are going to work towards in your life to help fix our future). Visit website,, especially the LEARN section, the leaflets and the pledge section for ideas of what you could pledge to help the environment. We shall take photos of the banner which will be posted on social media to raise awareness for this cause. It is the intention that all banners from this project will be collected to make a piece of artwork that can be photographed and presented to the UN SDG summit in September, as well as the UK Parliament. Click this link for  Yoga Event Details

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