A restorative pose for these challenging times – advantages of Legs Up Pose – Viparita Karani

Put Your Feet Up! Relieves swollen ankles Restores tired feet and legs Relieves varicose veins Relieves lower back tension Relieves headaches Helps lower anxiety, stress and insomnia Improves digestion Modification - place a bolster or block under the hips

Castle Carrock Weekly Yoga Class

Taking block bookings now for after October half term.

Ready to take the Plastic Pledge?

Take the Plastic Pledge Native Americans traditionally lived by The “Seventh Generation” Principle. This principle says that in every decision, be it personal, governmental or corporate, we must consider how it will affect our descendents seven generations into the future. In the light of the fact that our home, planet earth, is experiencing global warming, … Continue reading Ready to take the Plastic Pledge?

Living with vitality

What stops you living without vitality? There may be many things that we would like to do or try in life, but crippling fear and the need to appear ‘perfect’ can hold us back from even trying. Fear and perfectionism are the two demons with which we must overcome if we want to feel enthusiastic and … Continue reading Living with vitality